Thursday, December 28, 2006

Watching the Skies

Colorado is supposed to get hit by another snowstorm today -- and they're predicting anywhere from two inches to two feet. I leave (in theory) tomorrow, so we're waiting for the deluge. The skies have gone gray, the mountains are barely visible, we know it's coming. It's like a Stephen King novel, except that the oncoming storm won't strip the flesh from our bodies, but rather make driving and flying rather inconvenient.

It's probably no surprise by now that I spent a good portion of my childhood in fantasyland, and to those purposes, I liked gray weather more than any other. Weird, out-of-this-world stuff just seemed more possible when the sun wasn't out, I suppose. I'm more down-to-earth these days, but I think a bit of that appeal holds over.

That said -- I'd be happy with four-five inches of snow. I'd like to be back in Atlanta for New Year's, and trying to reschedule canceled flights is more horrific than anything King ever dreamed up.

* * *

I went out for beers with the legendary Tapeleg last night at the legendary Sobo 151, winner three years running of the "Colorado Bar I'd Most Like to See Relocated to Atlanta" award. TL is a gentleman and a scholar, and we held lengthy discussions on the Avalanche, poor deluded people who don't like the Avalanche, how we can get those people to appreciate the Avalanche, etc.

We also drank lots of Czechvar, the world's second-best beer (behind Fat Tire, of course). It remains a cruel injustice that Czechvar still isn't available in Atlanta. When CV finally sorted out their legal dispute with crappy Budweiser and the beer became available in North America, Atlanta was one of the test markets, and life was glorious. But the company ran into a new legal dispute with its Georgia distributor, and (I'm told) until the contract runs out, it won't be on sale in Atlanta. Meanwhile, it's become available everyplace else. It's a sad, sad story, up there with "Old Yeller" for pathos. Friends of mine think Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen are as good as it gets for Czech beers. I so want to show them what the world has to offer.

Back to the round-the-clock vigil in front of the Weather Channel. Wish me luck.


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

It remains a cruel injustice that Czechvar still isn't available in Atlanta.

As if living in Atlanta wasn't bad enough as it is.
Friends of mine think Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen are as good as it gets for Czech beers. I so want to show them what the world has to offer.

Staropramen!! YOU GET STAROPRAMEN!!!??? WTF!???!!!! We can't get that here :(

As for Pilsner, the mass-produced Amerikanized version has the worst aftertaste.

gsdgsd13 said...

I'd still take Czechvar over Staropramen. I'd send you some, but it probably wouldn't pass customs. We also get, let's see, Radegast and Krusovice. And Golden Pheasant, the only Slovak beer I've ever seen.

gsdgsd13 said...

re: Pilsner Urquell -- when you can find it on tap down in Atl, it's a lot better. I'm not a fan at all of the bottled stuff.

fredoluv said...

Last I checked, you aren't able to get Coors on the Georgia side of the Mississip, right?

Or are the Burdettes running amok now that Sherrif Justice is dead?

alanah said...

I'm not so much "deluded" as I am "100% correct", Mr. PPA.

And Jes: we can't get Staropramen up here, but at least we can get Pilsner Urquell and Czechvar. Besides, you should just be grateful you're not allergic to ALL of it. :(

gsdgsd13 said...

fredoluv: Can't get Coors? I should be so lucky. Yeah, you can get it. You can't get Fat Tire across the river.

alanah: Just a quick statistical note --

number of Avalanche fans I know who are allergic to beer: 0

number of Canucks fans I know who are allergic to beer: 1

I think that proves Avalanche fandom decreases the likelihood of beer allergies by an infinite amount.

alanah said...

Don't be too smug, PPA. I'm what... three years older than you? My beer allergy only appeared this year.

The future awaits you -- enjoy your Coors while you can. Believe me, even that crap will sound good one day.

comrade-elvis said...

We get Czechvar in Atlanta now. Just started appearing here last week. We no longer get Staropramen. The Czechvar ships in 11.2OZ bottles and is retailing about $10 a sixpack. It appears to be distributed by Ansheuer Busch. I don't know if they changed to a new Americanized formula or what but I had high hopes which were not fully met.

Anonymous said...

What's with these 11.2 oz bottles? That's how Staropramen comes in my area.