Saturday, December 02, 2006


There's a sense of change coming, needing only a kick-start from me -- so naturally this week I've done virtually nothing, delaying it as long as I can. Whatever happens likely won't be a bad change, and in fact it's greatly needed, but there's a certain comfort in the status quo that breeds reluctance.

A week of doing nothing (pressed for achievements... I made enchiladas. That's about it) kind of explains my silence here -- I'd rather sum up nothingness in one post rather than spreading it out over a week of dull posts.

One thing I did do: back when I dumped all my comic books, I did keep some of the higher-quality stuff that was collected into trade paperbacks. Among those few, the fairly well-known "Sandman" series. Over this past week, I re-read all of them -- and was surprised at how well they hold up.

When the series first started -- back in, I think, the late '80s -- I was kind of intrigued by it, but it was a bit too intricate and not superheroic enough for my tastes. Giving it a fuller read in my 20s, it seemed much better, but I was never into fantasy and I was probably a bit put off by the baggage that came with being a goth cause celebre.

Now? Older and a bit more tolerant, I think it's great. Neil Gaiman did an amazing job of setting things up and weaving a complex little universe in this series -- things I didn't properly appreciate when I was younger. Nice to be able to appreciate something more as I grow older. Also nice to be able to read 10 volumes of a comic book series in a week, but feel no compulsion to start collecting the damn things again.

* * *

Late breaking newsflash: I've just learned that there's finally actually an honest-to-Vaic Czech restaurant/bar in the metro Atlanta -- "Prague in Motion," up in Norcross. A field trip is in order.

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