Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

a scene from the PPA family's Christmas tree, seriously. Far too hard to explain.

Christmas in Colorado! It's all been great since getting back -- the Xmas Eve travel was relatively painless, there's tons of snow (more arriving yesterday afternoon), the Buccaneers won while I was in the air, the Broncos won a weird-ass game as I was parked on Mom and Dad's couch seeing how much beer I could drink. Last night we held the traditional family Christmas Eve gorge on Chinese food, so I look and feel like Grimace today. Hurrah! Merry Christmas!

Woke up to a great sunrise over the snow today, poorly captured above. Perhaps it's time to rethink things, move back here and become a photographer for religious-themed greeting cards.

A bit of plane reading, natch...

#46 - "An Albanian Journal" by Edmund Keeley

When I got back from Albania in 2005, I promptly bought every book on Albania I could find in the Alibris stacks... then didn't read any, because if you read nothing but books on Albania, you turn out weird.

This is one of the few travelogues ever written about the place, and one of the fewer relatively modern ones. Keeley went over with a group of writers in 1995, in the early post-Communist days and pre-pyramid schemes.

It's pretty good -- he's a witty guy and sensitive toward the Albanians. There was a lot on literary politics and the difficulty of being a vegetarian in Albania, neither of which I care much about, but the stuff on the country and people themselves was interesting. Much of his observations seemed pretty accurate to me, even ten years on.

Next up I'll probably have to read Robert Carver's "The Accursed Mountains," which was pretty controversial, at least in Albania-fan circles.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

From what I recall of your pre-trip Albaniamania, vegetarianism over there should be a fairly simple being process, no? I remember you contemplating taking over there mass quantities of beef jerkey for host gifts because of advertised meat shortages. Maybe there were vegetable shortages, too? Which leaves bulgur, millet and dirt... oh, and beer.

Have fun romping in the white stuff. Two words: drunken tobogganing.


alanah said...

Merry Christmas!

And I'm interested to hear how this religious-theme-photography career of yours works out. I'm sure there's some big money to be made there...