Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Drying Out

Photo above actually taken Christmas Eve. It's sunny now and some of the snow has melted, to my chagrin

When the Colorado Avalanche first came out here, there was an interview with Adam Foote complaining about "how bloody dry it was." I'd just moved back from Arizona, so Colorado seemed tropical by comparison, and I didn't know what the hell Foote was talking about. I concluded that off the ice, he must be an enormous pussy.

Having now lived in the miasma of humidity that is Georgia for most of a decade, I must extend an apology to Foote, wherever he is. It's goddamn dry. As much as I love the place, if I don't drink about six bottles of water during the night, I wake up feeling like I'm in the later stages of some wasting disease. Blowing my nose (which I've been doing constantly) produces a kleenex coated in blood. Since I don't do coke, I blame that on the dryness.

Sorry. Unpleasant post, I know. I just had to share. Just be happy I didn't scan in one of the kleenexes.

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fredoluv said...

i checked gsdgsd.com for pix of the kleenex, and got nothing.

maybe later this week?