Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dream, 12/16/06

I was driving over to my parents' house, which they had rented out to Barry Bonds (why not?). A hurricane seemed to have struck, which is a bit unlikely as my folks live in Boulder -- but the vegetation all looked much more Southeastern, so maybe they moved.

I drove past (and over, I think) downed power lines, to arrive at the house, which was a mess. There was popcorn with mold on it, which chilled me considerably. I knew (in the dream) my parents had a new dog, and I was worried that I couldn't hear it barking.

I walked out, and there was the dog, dead (note: not the family's real-life dog), and my parents, cooking (note: they weren't cooking the dog).

According to the book I'm reading right now, some residents of the Peloponnese believe (or believed) that your dreams are prophecies of the opposite -- i.e. dreaming of death means life. I'm not sure what this dream means, except that my parents probably won't be renting out to Barry Bonds.

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s.a. (honest) said...

And it also might prove that your parents would eat the dog.