Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Whole Bunch of Crap

A few things I've been meaning to post about, but have been too scattered to really address ... now in one convenient bundle.

Operation: Nanowrimo is going, uh, sort of. The webpage is getting kind of overloaded so uploading (or doing anything else) is tough right now. As such, I'll refrain from putting a link to my page there 'til it's a bit more stable.

I sat down this morning, flexed my fingers, started writing, sweated, agonized, and uploaded the first batch... and it came to 355 words. Less than 1/100th of the way there. Good lord. For the first time, I've had some doubts that I'll be able to do this. But, we shall perservere -- I got some more done later in the day (not sure how much, due to the aforementioned server issues), and there's at least a few more days before I start over with a chronicle of the wacky adventures of Vaic Fan, Pletka Fan and But Fan, or just use Brushback's "navel" excuse.

I think I'm really prone to writing overly briefly, after years in various media jobs, and that's a bit of a hindrance here. Anyway. No more excuses -- the next update will be triumphant.

* * *

Word has it that there was a World Series recently. It's a sign of how far my interest in baseball has waned that my nominal favorite team won the damn thing and I barely paid attention. Yeah, I've been busy, and more than a little stressed, but... you don't have to work too hard to find the World Series on television, and I barely saw any of it. Glad the Cards won, enjoyed reading the Cards blogs in the series' wake, but I don't feel too much else.

Surfing about in its wake, I found Touching All the Bases, and digging through the archives rekindled a bit of the old (and really, it's been more than a decade since I was much of a fan -- close to 15 years) baseball love. Baseball really does, as Plimpton said, produce some very good writing. I've read "Ball Four" and Bill James and Thomas Boswell and a few others more than anything ever printed about hockey, and reading through TATB made me want to dig those out. The early '80s/late '70s baseball and football cards were also a nostalgia trip -- show me an '81 Topps football or '80 baseball card and I'm taken back.

* * *

Indulge me in sappiness now: as mentioned, things have been a bit chaotic and stressful lately -- the trip threw things off, work has been a bit of a load, the weather's been crazy, bouncing from near-freezing to sunny and 75, with the occasional torrential rainstorm.

Contributing the most to the waywardness of the PPA ship is the imminent departure of my friend Mary (a/k/a MD, the trip companion) for London. She's been a good friend -- one of my two closest -- for several years now, a stable and reassuring presence, and it's very tough to see her go.

MD's a sweet, wholesome girl, who's been a good counter to my often-irresponsible lifestyle, and a generally nice person to be around. She's lent an air of calm when it's much needed. I doubt she's reading this -- she's not much on the Internet things -- but if you happen to, kiddo, I'm gonna miss ya.


fredoluv said...

I noticed that not only did you give up on the world series, but also your fantasy football league.

gimme McNabb.

gsdgsd13 said...

I screwed up, not realizing Delhomme was on a bye last week (things have been CHAOS, fredoluv). You just want McNabb because he beat you so badly. Suffer.