Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maximum Overdrive

I think the planet passed through a comet's tail over the weekend -- nearly simultaneously over the past two days, my cell phone, internet, and cable television (for the fifteenth time) crapped out. That led to lots of helpless swearing and inability to communicate with anyone. The phone and the internet were magically resurrected at different points last night (the cable remains out), but my joy is limited since I presume my microwave oven is going to begin enriching uranium.

In addition, it snowed last night. (Just a bit, not enough to impress someone from Cleveland, no residue to justify photos) While this isn't exactly unheard of -- this is Atlanta, not Nouakchott -- I think it's the earliest it's snowed since I've lived here. Snow in January yes, but November? Comet's tail, I tell you.

* * *

Went to the much-ballyhooed Georgia Aquarium yesterday, amidst two days where I did Atlanta-type things I've been putting off far too long (ate at the Sundial atop the Westin, strolled through Centennial Olympic Park), and it's pretty nice. Dunno about $24 worth of nice (the last aquarium I went to was Chicago's, which I'm pretty sure was free), but well-put-together. I don't have anything really intelligent to say beyond Fish! Lots of fish!, but those fish are pretty cool. It's a primer in crass commercialism -- I thought it was a mall when I first stepped in, and the mascot is an orange fish named "Deepo," as in aquarium sponsor "Home Depot." But whether it's the holiday spirit or some newfound tolerance, it really was kinda pleasant.


Anonymous said...

You're right, your puny snow would not impress me, but only because I hate ALL SNOW!

Heat Miser rules!



p.s. Did you happen to see how many HOCKEY teams were featured in Sports Illustrated's Worst Dressed Teams list? Huh? Huh? Did ya see that??

gsdgsd13 said...

It looked like they just indiscriminately pulled hockey teams -- obviously anti-hockey propaganda. Really, I think the Wild's uniform is pretty nice.

Why must you hate, L.P.?

Anonymous said...

Because it's boring here.