Saturday, November 04, 2006

Down to a Science

I think LP was joking in the comments to the last post, but I seem to have perfected my procrastination. After mildly getting over-analytical about my writing Thursday, I took Friday off from Nanowrimo (I may also have been hungover) to regroup. Then today I was helping a friend move all day. Then tomorrow is football, of course. Then Monday I'll be hungover.

I may not have the writing work habits where I want them, but my excuses are all-pro.


Nanuk of the North said...

Procrastination is an art. It demands creativity. I'm all for it.

Timmy Tims said...

What handle are you using on nanowrimo?

Anonymous said...

I signed up for nanowrimo also, but I think I must've still been drunk from the night before! I've all but given up and it's only a week into it! Good luck though, I'll be rooting for anyone who can see it through.

gsdgsd13 said...

I'm gsdgsd on Nanowrimo. Though there's not much to see on that page yet.

Wait, Timmy Tims is here??

Anne -- I probably should be all but giving up, but I'm going to stick it out - just to see what happens.

fredoluv said...

Does that mean Timmy Tims is doing nanowrimo also? Because he owes me a dozen TBTs first.

I wrote some Stefanie Boyd fanfic that I'm looking to expand into a novel. You can work it into your text somehow. Like when Murakami starts talking about a zoo or some shit in the middle of a novel.