Friday, October 13, 2006

We're Having Us Some Fun Now

I was planning to do a lengthy post before I leave first thing Saturday morning (it was gonna be another jersey post), but further proof that God loves a good joke, my refrigerator died Wednesday evening. I've spent much of the last day ferrying jars of salsa, limp carrots, and dripping raw chicken breasts (I think that last was a spam e-mail I received) out to the dumpster. That sort of soured me on life and everything else.

In the absence of anything, then, a few fun posts from other people:

* Outdoing any jersey post I coulda done, Brushback brings back ugly jerseys for another round. That Peoria Rivermen creation should be burned.

* Alanah at VCOE says mean things about Colorado. :( Fortunately, the Avs beat the Canucks last weekend to take away my pain a bit.

* Jes profiles Slovenian hockey sensation An┼że Kopitar. Some great goals in the video.

* And on the non-hockey front, Tony Karon is going again after an absence. Usual praise from my corner.

Freaking appliances. Anyone in Atlanta who wants to feed me for about a week after my return, until I get a new fridge, I'm taking bids.

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