Monday, October 02, 2006

Unique to Atlanta

I've never lived another place where people try to hard to bargain on fixed-price items. Or try at ALL for that matter. I've been held up at Publix countless times because fellow customers are trying to talk the beleaguered cashier down on the price of tampons or Lean Cuisines or breath mints or whatnot. And just now, I was enjoying a beer (or, uh, several) at the lovely Atkins Park, and this frat-boyish dude was trying to negotiate the price of a bottle of Duvel. It never works, but people still try.

Weird. What causes this? I never saw this sort of thing in Boulder or Tucson or anywhere else.

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sort of d.a. said...

They do it here all the time, and it does work. So I guess people figure it's always worth a shot, because you just never know who's going to give up in exasperation, and just say "FINE, you can have the goddamn breath mints, 2-for-1! Just take them and get OUT!"