Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things I've Missed

Imagine this -- a debate over Albania, playing out over the summer, that I completely missed.

I first became aware of it through an Alex Wade article in the Independent, which made passing reference to this AA Gill article from some months back in the Sunday Times. The Gill piece comes with a note: "This article is subject to a legal complaint," not the type of thing you regularly see on a newspaper article.

The Gill piece is kind of eye-rolling, written for cheap laughs -- snide for the sake of snide and obviously the result of some preconceptions, but a legal complaint? Sheesh. Full details are here.

Wade's article is on the opposite end of the spectrum, rather blindly cheery -- I prefer it just because of my pro-Albanian bias, and because it made me want to go back, but he's got the rose-colored contact lenses in.

One side note out of all of this: I discovered a pretty good Albania blog! Our Man in Tirana is now linked on the side.

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