Sunday, October 22, 2006

Still Alive

Well, more or less. No sleep + whirlwind travel has kept me off this. More to come soon, promise. I seem to have lost my stupid USB cord for the camera, so photos are delayed 'til I get a new one or discover which pocket of my bag it's magically hidden in.

Five and a half years ago, as my driver was taking me to the airport at the close of my first Prague visit, he said "Come back in October -- not as many tourists. And no fuckin' Germans."

Well, I came back in October, and holy crap were there tourists. We're talking Venice-level density. Many of my photos will have a row of heads to be cropped from the bottom -- it was impossible to get a clear shot. The Charles Bridge was choked. It's incredible. Prague was hip in 2001 -- now, it's Disneyland.

Still great though. The elitist snot in me wants to get all sniffy about the hordes, and the signs of EUization, but I can't begrudge Prague. It's still cooler than hell, moody and dark. The beer's still great (though Budvar/Czechvar doesn't seem to be the beer of choice any more -- it's boring ol' Pilsner Urquell). The women are still jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Everyone is fluent in English now -- I was really looking forward to trying out my pitiful Czech, but aside from the odd polite "Děkuji", no opportunities. Kind of a disappointment (though, uh, easier for me).

Anyway. Like I said. More soon.

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