Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lonesome Train

Trip-planning is in crunch time so blogging is light -- things started Monday don't get finished 'til Wednesday, for instance. I leave Saturday, so there won't be much before then, and who knows what the computer situation will be like once I reach St. Petersburg.

Anyway: the other day, Coco and I were contemplating cool things to go photograph, and our friend David gave us a tip-off -- an abandoned train, down off Glenwood Avenue.

This was a new one, so we traveled on down, and lo and behold, David hadn't lied (not that we expected him to, necessarily, but these are difficult days and you don't know who to trust) -- on the southern side of the street, a rusted hulk of a train was stretching off into the distance.

Its exact status is hard to determine. There were actually two sets of cars -- this one, rusted and disused, and another on a parallel track, getting filled with the leavings of some big sand-digging project. Some of the tracks were unusable, others well-kept. It's obviously not a forgotten site, but the train we were interested in seemed to be left to the tender mercies of the elements and graffiti artists.

We wandered around a bit, down south under an overpass, site of some cool graffiti (Batman villain Two-Face, most impressively). The tracks continued far to the south, through heavy trees, with no other signs of civilization -- an empty gash through the heart of Atlanta. Strangely peaceful, a Rub al-Khali just minutes from a busy street.

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