Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Sinister Signpost

Following up yesterday's post -- it gave a friend the courage to come out of the closet as a similar sign freak, and that friend passed on this site -- a collection of odd signs from Germany. Early on in the browsing, this one (second photo) is my favorite... I can see myself being instantly enamored if I came across that scene on my own.

It brought to mind the following inadequate photo -- which will hopefully be the blurriest thing I ever post here.

That's in Dubrovnik's old city, 16th-century graffiti carved on the side of a home -- Latin saying something to the effect of "you fuckin' kids be quiet with your ball-playing." (I paraphrase.) When I learned about it, on the trip back in 2003, I made a detour to find it -- sadly, it photographed extremely poorly, obviously. But I wonder, when some pissed-off Ragusan wrote that more than 400 years ago, if he could even have contemplated that some dork in a Tampa Bay Buccaneers t-shirt would be gawking at it centuries later.

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