Sunday, September 03, 2006

Let's All Visit Uzbekistan

I'd largely forgotten about this story until today's Washington Post -- the tale of Craig Murray, the Brit diplomat who found himself on the outs for calling attention to human rights abuses in Uzbekistan. Looks like he's got a book coming out, which oughta be interesting.

* * *

I loathe short posts, so I'll call your attention to a few new links. I'm not much of a fan of domestic political blogs; for the most part, regardless of viewpoint, they strike me as self-serving, reductive, insane or all three. But since a friend directed me to Sadly, No!, I've been reading it four or five times daily. It's a relief to see that my people can, indeed, be funny.

I've mentioned Juan Cole before but forgotten to add a permanent link. That's rectified now. If you care about the Middle East, you oughta be reading him.

May I be frank? I may? I don't really know what The Angry Red Planet is all about. But it's Atlanta-based, interesting, and those behind it also have an interest in the Lake Chiropractic building. That's good enough for me.

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