Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

I believe this is the first Labor Day I've had off since college, and I'm celebrating by doing fuck all. I'm meeting a friend for a barroom lunch in about an hour, and I presume things will only go downhill from there.

Apropos of nothing, I give you the PPA playlist of late:

The Delgados "Hate": I dig the soaring thing once in a while. That said, I'm surprised I like this, and even more surprised at how good it sounds the rare times I put it on. Why don't I listen to it more? I know not.

Jay Farrar "Sebastopol": Been listening to this since the Colorado trip; something about this album always screams "Colorado" at me, a concept I've been trying to get across in a repeatedly-aborted post (every time I start writing it, it sounds like I'm on a steady diet of psilocybin). But yeah, the first Farrar album and the first couple Son Volt albums are really Coloradoish.

Kiss It Goodbye "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not": Sparked by rumors of their reunification (rumors that have been going on for about a year, I think). Nasty stuff. Always technically perfect, never quite exactly what I wanted, but great stuff, which brings me to...

Deadguy "Fixation on a Co-Worker": The band that spawned KitG. I'm amazed at how great this sounds, long past my angry 21-year-old days. And while we're in the mean stuff, how about...

Integrity "Systems Overload": I'm all about the early-'90s metalcore! I hated Integrity when I first heard them, then grew to love them like no other. After this album came out, I interviewed vocalist "Dwid" for a Tucson hardcore 'zine -- I got 20 minutes of monosyllabic answers, a large blank spot on the tape when he put down the phone to tend to some metalwork, and then some innocent question or other sparked an insanely angry rant about some Italian guys that he was going to kill. Fuck, I loved Integrity.

Creedence Clearwater Revival "Chronicles vol. 1 and 2": Hadn't dug these out in years, felt the need to hear "Wrote A Song for Everyone."

Miles Davis and John Coltrane "The Complete Columbia Recordings": Mood music.

Hot Snakes "Audit in Progress": So many bad bands go on existing and these guys flamed out. My favorite of their three albums, just 'cause the rhythm section sounded so much more insane.

Born Against "The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure": Early '90s! Dug out because I wanted to hear the "Battle Hymns of the Race War" ep, only to belatedly remember it's on the other CD. Ooops.

Steve Earle "I Feel Alright," "Jerusalem" and "The Revolution Starts Now": At least two frequent readers here would start voting Republican if G.W. Bush promised to take Earle's guitar away, but screw you guys. I love it. Motivated by the need to hear "The Gringo's Lament" (another Colorado-ish song) off the latter album, then the first two followed suit because I hadn't heard them in a long while.

Anyway, off to drink, soon. Happy Labor Day!

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