Monday, September 04, 2006

I'll Take That Order With Extra Symbolism

Despite those lunchtime beers (and bratwurst -- the Commitment to Health is not in effect on Mondays), I've managed to stay on my feet, and actually go see something I've only heard about before.

Atlanta's Bridge to Nowhere is muttered about, but 'til today, I had no idea where it was. But Deputy PPA Finder of Things Coco came through and gave me the location, and I traipsed out to see it; I always appreciate anything that I can later use as a labored, tragic metaphor.

Dunno if the pictures capture how truly weird it is; a bridge that just stops, 100 feet above a parking lot. As far as I can tell from old maps, it used to be a bridge connecting the Bankhead Highway (now known as Donald Lee Hollowell Boulevard, due to some civic ordinance requiring that Atlanta street names be cumbersome and long whenever possible) to Means Street. Now, DLHB just stops, and the bridge is fenced off. It woulda been pretty easy to get to it from the west, but I wasn't really dressed for trekking through mud and five-foot-high weeds (frilly waistcoat and all that), so I passed.

And from the other side:

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nick said...

i truly had no idea this thing existed. am perplexed & intrigued.