Tuesday, September 19, 2006

High Voltage

Eerily reminiscent of the same day last week, I woke up with a nasty back pain today -- more localized, more painkiller-resistant. Sorta colored the whole day, and all sorts of brilliant, insightful posts I had planned were rubbed out as I lay around screaming "Why? Why?"

This made work great fun, too, as you can imagine. Afterwards I went out for a beer, and spread the joy as I explained just how much it hurt to the poor bartender.

Trudged home (figuratively -- can you trudge in a car?), and found a big-ass UPS box outside my door. I scratched my head. And opened it.

We've got us a party now.

This is both awesome, and when you consider I have four boxes of this stuff, awesomely stupid.


Anonymous said...

Man, Boo Berry? You are so freakin' crazy, you're starting to redefine "crazy".

But were they good? If so, then it was all worth it. :)

Perhaps it's just good news that you didn't pay to have them delivered FedEX overnight...

Anonymous said...

Awwww, a boy and his Boo Berry...I think I'm gonna cry.


Brushback said...

Let There Be Rock!

gsdgsd13 said...

For some reason, that night (it'd been a hard day) I spent a lot of time thinking to myself "which AC/DC song says 'Boo Berry' to me?" Seriously.