Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chris Simms, You Became A Man Today

Sweet Jesus, that broke my heart, but at least we saw some signs of life from our quarterback, who impressed me in many ways and guaranteed that my first-born will be named "Chris Simms," if he's born before next Sunday.

The thing you all care about: Greg is now beating the shit out of evil Kynan in the who-will-score-more contest (note: Raiders didn't totally play this week, or nothin', so Kynan may have a handicap). This is the only thing making me feel good about myself. I found a graphing tool, so now I can display just how much awesomer the Bucs are than the Raiders.

Notes from the sports bar. Most of the people I hang out with on a regular basis are not insane sports fans, so it's a bit odd to be around them. The gang that's sort of "adopted" me is really cool, but outside of that little island, it's all weird shit going on. There's a few other Bucs fans at this bar, led by this scary Steve Albini/marine fusion dude who looks like he's just taking a break from the serial killer life. Also, I've re-learned how much a heartbreaking loss can bring men together -- me and Kev the Steelers fan were almost hugging after our mutual failures.

Next week!

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gsdgsd13 said...

Jesus Christ - moreso than I thought. He was in (really bad shape during that (impressive) second half. I hope he's ok.