Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You Were My Thrill

Recent vodka-based misadventures aside, I've always loved blueberry-based foods, which brands one as a bit of an outcast in the U.S. When "Boo Berry" cereal makes its annual return from the grave, I buy several boxes, and not for ironic reasons. I buy them because it's blueberry-flavored cereal.

So even when the results don't quite match my expectations, blueberry flavor -- hell, heavily blue packaging -- is enough to win me over.

Since the vodka travesty (and that's the last time I'll mention that, promise. If you must try the blueberry vodka, it's at the Local Pub, on Ponce in Atlanta), I've resumed my search for a "lost" blueberry product, one dimly remembered from childhood, and not seen since.

Complicating matters is that it's a product of the brief period of my childhood spent in Mainz, Germany, much like Fix und Foxi comics (which I'm relieved to see are still around). But it's one that shouldn't be so hard to find. The product? Blueberry milk mix.

Just a simple drink mix, much like your Nestle Quik. I remember it (accurately, I think) as having the same unhealthy slate-blue coloring as Boo Berry. We drank it fairly frequently during our time over there.

But over here, even in the specialty groceries, there's nothing. A search of online German groceries turns up nothing. A Google search on "blueberry milk" isn't helpful; a search on "blaubeermilch" tends to turn up results in German, which I can't read. I know there's some multinational-based products available in Europe that you can't get here -- just try to find paprika Pringles in the U.S., and you've gotta have the hook-up to get Shokata Fanta -- but there's no one that's importing some German brand's blueberry milk mix? Are you kidding me? (this rather excited page has a list of blueberry products from around the world, including Icelandic and Finnish blueberry milk -- but it's pre-made. I want the mix.)

I doubt I'll have the chance to haunt the groceries of St. Petersburg and Prague for the stuff when I'm over there, so I'll put out a plea -- any Europeans who happen to read this, do you have any idea where I can score?


Anonymous said...

Um, I know it's not the same stuff you're looking for...



gsdgsd13 said...

Hey, I'll give it a try. I'm always happy to help our Minnesotan friends make ends meet.

Nanuk of the North said...

Have you considered just mixing blueberries and milk into some kind of smoothie? Okay. I know that would probably be a really lame ass substitute, but maybe it could sustain you until something better came along.

You need a trip up to the Lac St-Jean region of Quebec. Everything up there is blueberry-related. Even the people are nicknamed "Blueberries".
Remember Mario Tremblay? He's a blueberry.

(A Count Chocula woman)

gsdgsd13 said...

I might try it, but really, I'm not going to be happy until I am drinking undrinkable milk, made with some blue-gray powder that comes in German packaging.

(I'll be kind of happy once I have this year's box of Boo Berry.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've already seen this, but if I failed to pass on to you the knowledge of a product that combined both blueberries and beer and you hadn't heard of it, you'd never forgive me.

"Wachusett Blueberry, Massachusetts Light, straw-colored wheat ale with a hint of natural blueberryflavor and strong blueberry aroma..."