Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, Great.

First Alanah at VCOE did it, then Brushback. With all the cool kids doing it, I tried the Celebrity Face-Matching thing today (same drunken, vaguely crazy-eyed pic as the Blogger profile used), and, uh:

Who the hell is Becky Griffin? And is it my imagination or is she a chick? (which, I should note, I am not) I mean, nothing against girls, obviously, but I prefer looking at them to looking like them.

#2 is Woody Harrelson, which is a bit more gender-appropriate.


Brushback said...

Whoops! I didn't realize that Alanah had already used the MyHeritage thing, when I posted my own version. I hope she doesn't think I knicked the idea from her but then didn't give her credit.

As far as the match-ups go, they seem to be based as much on facial expression as anything else.

gsdgsd13 said...

Yeah, looking at Woody, he does have sort of a weird-puckered expression like mine.

Now, the thing I'm finding most disturbing: I find this "Becky Griffin" pretty attractive. What does this say about my own self-image? A tad narcissistic, no?

alanah said...

Brushback - I would never think any such thing. But geezus, you have the most flattering array of "celebrity matches" of anybody I've looked at so far... I DO think you rigged the damn software.

Greg - I think she's perfectly attractive, too. And I bet there are plenty of people who would find that MUCH more disturbing.