Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mystery Solved

Well, part of the way, at least. My recent lack of energy can, presumably, be put down to the fact that I'm running a middle-grade fever. No idea what caused it, but maybe the combination of 95 degree heat with sudden rainstorms that make the temperature plummet 20 degrees in an hour is a contributing factor.

So, on a rare Saturday night off...

...I'm home, alone, surfing YouTube. Yayyyyy.

I thought the famous Chris Simon-Bob Probert fisticuffs from the 1996 playoffs might cheer me up -- the Avs have never had anyone like Simon since then (for evidence, do a YouTube search on Brent Severyn or Warren Rychel). Unfortunately, no one has put that fight up.

But someone HAS put up a video of Chris Simon buying gas!

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