Friday, August 18, 2006

Dram It All to Hell

(it's been a long day. You try doing these damn headlines)

The day started perfectly -- I woke up, refreshed, stepped outside to get a last lungful of Colorado air. I arrived at the airport and found out that I'd been bumped up to first class. The trip was ending on a triumphant note.

If the plane had then plowed into a mountainside, I would at least have gone out on top. I got back to find out my luggage was still in Denver (where it is now, I know not). The drive home reintroduced me to Atlanta traffic in the least pleasant way -- a normal 20-minute trip took well over an hour. I got back sweaty, grumpy, and with my underwear somewhere over Kansas.

Once home, thank the lord, I went and saw the Drams. They're composed of the remnants of Budapest One and Slobberbone -- the latter, as I've stated, in the running for best band in the history of music.

The live show was pretty good. Not the transcendent experience I hoped for/needed, but very well put together. As a new band, there was a ... for lack of a better term (I'm tired, tipsy, and more tired) ... reluctance to stray too far from the set structure. The band was also hampered by the audience's obvious unfamiliarity with the new stuff (the CD has only been out a few weeks -- a Neil Young cover and a Slobberbone track drew the biggest response). But it was good fun, they were nice and tight, and the stuff sounded great.

A realization, that's been growing as I've listened to the new album recently: whereas I loved the more drunken, loud Slobberbone tracks, with the new band I'm way more into the slower stuff -- "Holy Moses," "When You're Tired" (which they didn't play), uh, the Des Moines song (the CD and track list are in the missing luggage), etc. I'm an old, old man.

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Nanuk of the North said...

Don't be silly, you're a young pup. Cheer up.