Sunday, July 23, 2006

Vodka Verdict

Well, uh. Wow. That stuff has some pretty serious crazy-making potential. If you hear about a 33-year-old man arrested in Atlanta tonight for public drunkenness, naked except for a Jiri Bubla Vancouver Canucks jersey magic-markered onto his upper torso -- well, it's not me, of course, but it'd be totally understandable if it was.

Pretty strong stuff. I tried it straight (out of a Hartford Whalers shot glass -- OLD SCHOOL!) with a side of dill pickle slices. It's quite good, very horseradishy. I imagine it'll taste pretty fantastic in Bloody Marys, if I'm ever motivated enough to make one at home. A fun project!

Coming soon: Miroslav Fryčer's Moonshine!

(above: the leavings after I strained the vodka. A taste treat, I'm certain.)

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