Thursday, July 06, 2006

Various Crap

I feel compelled to do some writing, but nothing's really leaping out at me. I'm a bit tapped out on hockey -- with TK heading to the Buckeye State, and the Thrashers and Avalanche seemingly largely set, only the fates of Ronald Petrovický and Jiří Šlégr are of much interest to me. I've got one hockey article sort of on the burner, but I don't feel up to pursuing it right now, and none of my non-hockey writing ideas are really past the embryonic stages.

So then? A grab bag.

* Thrashers of the past: James Mirtle has a piece on forgotten defenseman Daniel Tjärnqvist, who was signed by Edmonton earlier today. It's pretty damn entertaining, if more than a little insane.

* Lit watch: I promise not to make this a habit, but a mid-book update on the neglected book list -- I'm currently reading Richard Powers' "The Gold Bug Variations," and it's excellent. Stunningly beautiful. Also slow -- it deals with science, music, and art on a pretty high level, and none of those are my strong points. So it'll likely be a while before I can chalk up another one for the list (unless I get moving on some non-fiction). But I can pretty heartily recommend it (I'm assuming here that the last third of the book won't just be a collection of fart jokes). More to come on this; in the meantime there's an interview with Powers here.

* Music watch: Inspired by the novel, I've been listening to a lot of Bach lately; specifically, Glenn Gould's 1955 version of The Goldberg Variations. This bumps up against Entombed (specifically, "To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth") on the car CD changer. It makes for a nice varied listening experience (since seriously, I seem to be unable to switch out either album).

* More music: I originally got (very belatedly) into Claw Hammer through Agony Shorthand, and said site has a new brief appreciation of said band. Pretty cool, and maybe it'll finally motivate me to pick up the first album (and motivate me to listen to something besides Bach/Entombed).

* Klouček redux: Today's signing motivated me to belatedly explore the, uh, Bluejacketslogosphere, I guess. A couple cool sites -- here and here -- but not one mention of TK (just fellow signee Ty Conklin). Do you people realize what a treasure you've got on your hands??

* Beer watch: I like beer, and like peppers, and I love Rogue's beer -- the Dead Guy Ale is the best beer ever named after a Victory Records band -- so it was with great joy that I found out that Rogue's Chipotle Ale had made it to Atlanta. The verdict, though... ehhhhhh. Not bad, just not exciting. I bought a few bottles, so hopefully it'll grow on me, but at this point I'm still more into a pepperoncini in a glass of Pilsner Urquell. It did give me an opportunity to remember the worst beer I ever had -- a brew that included a chili pepper in ever bottle. Thanks to the magic of the internet, I've tracked it down: Crazy Ed's Cave Creek Chili Pepper Beer. Sweet Jesus, even in my Labatt's-swilling college days, that didn't pass muster. I suspect it's no longer made, since I can't find many contemporary references, and with good reason. The only beer that's ever hurt my mouth.


Brushback said...

"Dead Guy Ale is the best beer ever named after a Victory Records band"

Better than Earth Crisis Winter Lager?

gsdgsd13 said...

Or Integrity IPA...

I can't imagine an Earth Crisis Winter Lager being too fun -- just sort of self-contradictory. Like Vegan Reich hamburgers.

Brushback said...

Okay, then-- how about Smurf Crisis Blueberry Ale?

Though I doubt they were ever on Victory, I think His Hero Is Gone Pilsner sound like it would be pretty good.

gsdgsd13 said...

There's a band I haven't thought about in a while. HHIG Pilsner might be a little harsh, if I remember them correctly.

gsdgsd13 said...

Now I keep thinking of these (as I listen to HHIG for the first time since college or so -- thumbs up!). Assfactor 4 Ale?

gsdgsd13 said...

And you're right -- they do make a good pilsner!

Brushback said...

Noothgrush Amber Bock!

gsdgsd13 said...

No For An Answer Stout!