Sunday, July 30, 2006

Urban Fossils

Went for a drive down Moreland Avenue this morning, hunting for old buildings. With a bunch of developments going up or planned, the area's older structures are vanishing fast, so I wanted to capture a few.

Along the way, I found the following shell of a building. Absolutely no idea what it is -- some of it suggests industrial/power, but it seems to stylized for that -- but it's also not the kind of place you'd expect to find, say, an architecturally-daring restaurant. The internet turns up no clues; there was a sign up indicating it's handled by Inman Park Properties, but their web page doesn't have a listing.

If any Atlantans stumble across this -- the building's at the southwest corner of Moreland and Eastland.


Anonymous said...

Googled "weird bank building moreland ave atlanta" and found you. :-)

great building huh?

i went a few days ago and took a few pics.

very cool blog, BTW.



William Brumms said...

It was a bank. I went there with my college roomy to do banking in the late 80's.