Saturday, July 22, 2006

Recipe for Disaster

My extended time off began the way it usually does: waking up, hungover, completely pissing away the first day, vowing to make better use of my time the rest of the vacation, and, to that end, putting together a list of tasks to accomplish like "clean out car" and "exercise" and "achieve peace in the Middle East," which is about as likely as the first two.

Today, filled with a new sense of vigor, I woke up and spent three hours playing Eastside Hockey Manager. Then I went to the bar and had a beer and did some reading. But, finally, I came home and fulfilled one of the tasks on the list:

Making Horseradish Vodka

I love horseradish. I wish it were in everything, except maybe yogurt. When I was back in Colorado, in April, I had some horseradish vodka at this fancy little place in Denver. It was fantastic, but really, I can make it myself, rather than paying $10 per shot. Right?

Anyway. According to the recipe I invented found on the internet, you need:

1 liter vodka (perhaps if you're lucky, you can find Andrei Nazarov's vodka in your town)
Fresh horseradish root, peeled
1 tbsp whole black peppercorns

Dump the vodka into some sort of container.

Grate one cup of horseradish root. If you've never grated horseradish, believe me, this will make you see God.

Once the tears stop, dump the horseradish and peppercorns into the container with the vodka. Seal, steep overnight. Drink (with pickle slices as a side dish).

I'm taking the liberty of naming this recipe I found on the internet created all by myself "Jiří Bubla's Horseradish Vodka," after the legendary '80s Canucks defenseman (I told you I'm a fan of obscure Czech defensemen). Described by one fellow player as "the strongest man ever to play hockey," Bubla is also the father of Jiří Šlégr. Once I start selling this stuff, the motto will be "the only thing stronger than this vodka is Bubla himself!" (at least until he sues me.)

Speaking of the Canucks, Alanah over at Vancover Canucks Op Ed is taking part in a charity Blogathon next Saturday, the 29th. She'll be posting every half-hour for 24 hours. Since I feel like Captain Awesome if I manage one post in 24 hours, that seems like a pretty heavy task (and accordingly, I'm giving money to Alanah's charity, rather than taking part myself). Click over there and join in.

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