Friday, July 28, 2006

Reading List

Oh, it's a slow evening at work (as you can guess -- second post in a matter of hours), and I've spent much of it just surfing the internet, over and over and over again.

To that end, here's a few things -- some new, some old -- that made for interesting reading this evening:

* A House of Mirth profile of Croatian writer Dubravka Ugrešić. I've yet to read any of her longer work -- perhaps this will motivate me. Some interesting insights into national identity in the former Yugoslavia, whether or not one is familiar with her writing.

* A personal history from Natalya at Indiscretions.

* Agony Shorthand interviews Mike Atta of Middle Class. I'm a sucker for punk nostalgia, especially for the stuff that predated me (by quite a bit, in this case). Good stories and keeps it all in perspective.

* Fredoluv, after a road trip with my brother, is playing video games for pay this summer.

* The Danbury Trashers are no more -- and there's all sorts of nasty stuff swirling about the carcass. Sidearm Delivery has been covering it all. Side note -- while this may make Brushback weep with frustration -- I love the Trashers' logo. LOVE IT. I would pay a decent amount of money for a Trashers jersey -- they ever have any Czechs play for them?

* On my last trip to London, I noticed that a disproportionate amount of the bartenders -- like, all of them -- were Polish. The Guardian looks at why.

* Haaretz has had some brave opinion pieces on the current Middle East conflict -- my friend Jane pointed me to this one.

* Another Albania travelogue, with some nice pictures.

* Forgotten NY -- a great site, which I'll add to the right side as soon as I remember (been meaning to for months) -- has a lovely photo essay on New York's neon signs.

* And of course, a repeat note -- Alanah at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed will be blogging 'round the clock tomorrow. Drop by, check out her stuff, mention Patrick Roy's four Stanley Cups.

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