Monday, July 17, 2006

Marketing to Drunks

Where did this come from, and why did no one tell me? I'm not a big ice cream eater, but a cream stout ice cream is strange enough to persuade me to give it a try.

Having grown up in Colorado, I associate the phrase "black and tan" with innocuous things like getting trashed in Bullfrog's Pub (sadly defunct). But for many other people, it has a not-so-great connotation. Some people say that the Black and Tan is well-known as a drink in Ireland -- but an Irish friend of mine, who knows his Guinness, was pretty shocked to find out that the phrase was commonly heard in bars here. (you can imagine how thrilled he was to hear about "Irish Car Bombs," too.)

B&J sent out a letter of apology -- no word on how this affects upcoming flavors like NKVD Nougat and Sabra Strawberry.

The verdict on the ice cream? First impression was really damn weird -- really malty, almost fizzy. In subsequent tastings, the chocolate seemed to overcome everything.

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