Friday, July 21, 2006

Great Novelists Hate the Red Wings

"For a third of a century, I got by nicely without Detroit."

-opening line to "Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance" by Richard Powers

* * *

Longer non-hockey post coming later today, as I gradually emerge from a dreadful work week into five days of vacation. Five days that I've been looking forward to like they're five months.

Quick notes of some new added links: House of Mirth -- good lit and music blog, discovered while hunting for some background on Ismail Kadare -- and the Battle of Alberta -- one of my most frequently-read hockey blogs, but I forgot to ever bother linking. Whoops.

Quick hockey note: the Thrashers have locked up Niko Kapanen, who I've really managed to inflate in my mind into the next Joe Sakic, and also signed Kyle Wanvig, who I still think of as some sort of really hot prospect who's on the verge of a 40-goal season, but in reality is already 25 and showing signs of becoming a career AHLer.

Quick temperature note: it's too goddamn hot here.

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