Monday, June 05, 2006

The Missing Link

Here's the missing part of the previous post.

Inspired by my purchase yesterday, I went way down Atlanta's Moreland Avenue to shoot a photo of the real-life subject of the print, the Rio Vista sign. Glad I did -- the RV has gone out of business sometime in the past two years, and the property's up for sale. I don't travel down Moreland much. The only thing really of note down there is the Foxy Lady Lounge, which I should perhaps check out; presumably foxy ladies hang out there, and I am a connoisseur of foxy ladies! Beyond scary-looking strip clubs ("Blaze Club" encourages one to take Dad there for Father's Day, since "Dads Love Dancing Girls"), though, there were a lot of cool photo-worthy things down that way, and I'll have to head down when I have more time. But anyway, here's a photo of the Rio Vista sign, which still exists for now. Bonus shot of the PostPessimistAssociationMobile in the background. About a minute after this photo was taken it nearly got hit by a semi. If I had to replace my car and my toilet in the same day, I would be in tears by now. But I didn't and I'm not. Uh, where was I? Ah, yes, here's a direct link to Katherine Linn's Rio Vista print, so you can see what's going up on my wall, and compare to the photo. Nod and stroke your chin as you do it.

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