Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Excuses, Excuses

Events have conspired so that umpteen embryonic blog posts/writing projects won't be finished tonight. I'm a very busy man, man.

Quick notes -- the AJC has a look at who wasn't qualified: Bondra (no surprise), Aubin (surprise), Vigier (moderate surprise), Petrovicky (not at all a surprise). I liked Petro but for an agitator, he was often pretty invisible. I've always liked Aubin, and the article indicates they just may try to get him back for less than the qualifying offer price.

It also confirms that Tomáš Klouček is now free, free as a bird. Dammit.

Showing a bit more respect for my favorite players -- the 'Canes have locked up Chicken Paprika.

And VCOE provides a hilarious and disturbing little gift for all haters of Kirk Maltby.

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