Monday, May 01, 2006

Members of the Working Class Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

Ten points if you can identify where the headline came from -- in part because I can't remember. I may have misquoted it (a Google search doesn't turn anything up), in which case, ten more points if you can give me the correct line.

I spent the morning trying to recreate the cover of "Damaged," the above being the more-or-less current state of my bathroom. The vacant spot behind the old mirror didn't contain a severed head or bushels of child porn, kind of a surprise, since everything else has convinced me that the previous owner of this place was insane. I envisioned a quick thirty minute job to replace the mirror -- instead it's been about four hours (with a break for a beer), there's still big chunks of glass on the wall, the wall itself is damaged in several areas, and the new mirror is still in its packaging.

As a bonus, the bathroom floor is covered with shards of broken glass. Memo to all future would-be Tim Allens: when they suggest "put down a dropcloth," they are not fucking around. I've got the glass out of the sink, the shower, and the toilet bowl, and I've cleared enough of a path that I could walk barefoot from the door to the shower tomorrow, if I were incredibly stupid (which, given the current state of this project, isn't out of the question). I'm weighing the possibility of crashing at a friend's house; he's out of town and won't care, until he gets back and reads this, and finds out who left dirty dishes all over the place.


fredoluv said...

"I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass" is a Nick Lowe song. "Members of the Working Class" might be a Billy Bragg song.

gsdgsd13 said...

The little couplet I remember linked the two phrases. I almost think it came from P.J. O'Rourke, but quoting someone else.