Monday, May 22, 2006


There's a whole new mess of links over there to the right -- check them out! Tell them I sent you, and watch the puzzled, uncomprehending glances. A brief rundown:

* added an e-mail link

* added Vancouver Canucks Op Ed to the sports section

* added A Fistful of Euros to the current events section

* broke off an "Eastern Europe" section, though those may be of limited interest to anyone but me. But -- I use this as my bookmarks page when I'm not at my computer, so there. Added Balkan Scissors, East Ethnia, the Prague Post and the Tirana Times to that.

* created "Atlanta" links -- added Dying Peach, the Buford Highway Project, and my favorite place, Eclipse di Sol.

* created "Music" links -- added Lexicon Devil and 200 Lb. Underground.

* added Molto Benny to the miscellaneous section.

Go forth!

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