Monday, May 01, 2006

Hockey Talk

After a busy day of littering my life with tiny, potentially painful shards of glass, I'm relaxing (if that's the proper word for edge of the seat tension) with a Pilsner Urquell in front of the Red Wings-Oilers game. I'll resist any comment, to avoid counteracting whatever good karma is being generated by the spirit of Ales Pisa. But I will point you to GoonBlog, which managed to dig up a clip from an old ESPYs show, featuring Chris Chelios in a role where I didn't actually hate him.

Watched the Avalanche-Stars game yesterday, and while obviously pleased and relieved by the result, I was struck by how shallow the Avalanche's scoring depth is now. In the early days of Le Avalanche, there was just wave after wave of burgundy, scoring goals and making life grand -- now, beyond Sakic/Brunette/Hejduk/Tanguay, there isn't much (and yeah, I know Turgeon and Svatoš are out). Contrast that to a team like Ottawa or Edmonton (or, yes, Detroit) -- where every player on the team seems like a threat to score -- and it's rather thin. Doom and gloom aside, though, it was great to see Theodore play so well.

Go Oilers.

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