Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hnilička na hrad!

Shockingly, the Hockey World Championships aren't televised down here. Am I the only person in Atlanta who felt the absence of seeing Belarus-Switzerland live?

I've been following the games on, where they at least have some live updates (if someone knows of some live web feed -- I should've asked earlier, I guess). It's got some failings -- most notably the disconcerting habit of labeling every go-ahead goal as "game-winning goal." I left the house the other day thinking the Czechs had beaten Russia 2-1, as a result -- imagine my surprise to come back and find out they'd won 4-3 in overtime.

But there's good things about the site too -- most notably a sly sense of humor that creeps in. In the Czech-Finland game recap, they mention notorious diver Jarko Ruutu being "allegedly hauled down." And in a feature article on Zbyněk Irgl's game-winner in that Russia game, the caption on the photo of the puck in the net reads: "This is Irgl's handiwork: this is Sokolov's pain." Far more pathos than anything Bill Simmons has ever written.

Czechs meet the Swedes for gold tomorrow, propelled in part by a strong performance by ex-Thrasher Milan Hnilička. I'll be hitting the refresh button like only the most rabid fan.

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