Thursday, May 25, 2006

Deep, Calming Breaths

After my earlier hysteria about losing Marc Savard, I've regained my equilibrium and perspective. In the end, the money would be better spent on a top-two defenseman, Savard's numbers were likely inflated by his linemates, as long as Kari Lehtonen is healthy this team will never lose again, and so forth. Just plug Patrik Štefan into the top line -- he's due for a 200-point season. Everything's going to be ok.

Also cooling my jets -- Spector's Hockey repeating a rumor that Alexei Yashin might end up with the Thrashers. Some things may be worse than no center at all. It's hard to think of anything more destructive than Yashin and his stupid contract -- could they even afford defensemen after that?

* * *

The AJC has continued its spate of recent Thrashers coverage, including a bit today on a few players who are into paintball. Slava Kozlov seems a bit scarily committed to it.

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