Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Call for Entries

I'm in the mood for some good new music, but not much has been coming my way lately. My usual source never responds to his e-mail, I can't motivate myself to read any music blogs besides Agony Shorthand and Lexicon Devil, I'd rather read the back of a soup can than Pitchfork, etc.

So, any of you reading this -- what should I be listening to? For a quickie idea of what's been on the CD player lately -- the Hold Steady, Birthday Party, Entombed, Mike Doughty, the Rough Trade country CDs, Fred Eaglesmith, Fugazi, Hot Snakes, Old 97s ... longer-term favorites, Slobberbone, selected Black Flag, selected Stones, '70s Springsteen, Wilco, Farrar and Son Volt, Unsane.

Whatcha got?


Anonymous said...

As we already know, our tastes (STEVE EARLE STEVE EARLE STEVE EARLE) are rather dissimilar, and I'm not sure if any of them are new, but my favorites this spring are: Youkali - Cabaret and Art Songs by Satie, Poulenc, and Weill, which then spun-off a rekindled interest in Satie: Gymnopédies No 1-3; Gnossiennes No 1-6. Also Paris Combo: Living Room; Tropicália Essentials (compilation); and the ever-presents for spring: Django, Ella & Louis.
I'm sure this list will prove very helpful to you. ;P L.P.

gsdgsd13 said...

Aside from the last trio, I'm not familiar with any of that (it looks suspiciously like music for smart people), so hell -- I'll give it a go. I'm up for anything.

You like Steve Earle, right?

Anonymous said...

It's not music for smart people. I think if there's any common denominator (you know, that's not an easy word after drinking this much) it would be music that transports one from where she/he happens to be (which, in my case, as you know, happens to be where nobody really wants to be) to someplace grander or quieter or sexier. There's probably a witty aspect to much of it, I guess.

Music for smart people sounds like it would be boring and I don't think it is, but you might. I dunno. But how could anyone listen to Jerome Kern's (oh crap, I think that's whose song it is) "A Fine Romance" when sung by Ella and Louis and not get a heart full of just plain joy?

Steve Earle is to music what smelly sweatpants are to apparel.

Brushback said...

Going by the names you mentioned, you could probably put the Dirtbombs and Modey Lemon on your shopping list.

Anonymous said...

Thank god, you got some real help.

fredoluv said...

I like L.P.'s spunk!

I also don't think I missed any emails.

I also like Tropicalia Essentials.

My word verification is "pezpplq" -- this seems important to me, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Fredo, I'm sure your spunk's very nice, too. It's probably more suicidal than spunky to be disrespectin' Steve Earle 'round here, but I don't plan on being sober this week long enough to worry about that.

Do you think we can convince our host that Tropicalia Essentials is really a bunch of Albanian folk songs redone by admiring Brazilians? Because I fear that is the only way he'll listen to it.


gsdgsd13 said...

Don't worry, Aurelio, I'm just messin' wit' ya. I didn't actually e-mail, I just presumed it would go unanswered beforehand.

Thanks to all of you, I'll check this stuff out.

gsdgsd13 said...

And you know, the movie "Behind the Sun" is an Albanian story redone by admiring Brazilians, so it's really not unheard of.

Anonymous said...

Well, it sorta is by, um, probably everyone but you! ;>