Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Balkan Jigsaw

One of the putative goals of this blog is to put up some pieces on current events I find interesting. Like so many of the other goals, I've fallen short. Part of the reason? I spend much of my time in real-life talking about this stuff -- the well runs a bit dry by the time I sit down. Another reason is that I feel like I should do more research if I'm writing about something of that impact, as opposed to a piece about how much Kirk Maltby sucks. And writing in-depth on the places that really interest me (Eastern Europe, if you haven't caught on) is proving a bit difficult when I'm living in Atlanta -- while I know enough to be able to hold a healthy discussion on it, I feel like a dilettante trying to provide honest-to-god analysis.

Case in point: I fully intended to write a bit about Montenegro's referendum vote to leave its union with Serbia. More than a week on, it seems rather pointless -- the union is ending with a whimper rather than a bang, most Serbians seem rather uninterested, and if there's a trouble spot in the final death throes of Yugoslavia, it'll be Kosovo. The rumored arrest of Ratko Mladić didn't come, and beyond that the referendum was mostly newsworthy for its refreshing lack of newsworthiness. A foregone conclusion was made reality, and in a peaceful manner that is hopefully now de rigueur for one of my favorite areas.

Speaking of that region, since this is a rather short post, I'll leave with a photo from my favorite city down there -- shot from the walls of Dubrovnik a few years back.


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gsdgsd13 said...

LP? Is that you?

Anonymous said...

Not this time, hockeyboy.

fredoluv said...

I'm wondering...what would Robert Kaplan say about these jigsaw puzzles that interest you so?