Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Preliminary Autopsy

A few more days before I do any sort of end-of-season wrap-up on the Thrashers -- either the pain's too fresh or I'm too lazy, take your pick.

A couple of places have already weighed in, though. CNNSI's Allan Muir looks at the future fortunes of the non-playoff teams, and is positively glowing about what's in store for the Thrashers. The AJC's Mark Bradley (not linked due to the AJC's pain-in-the-ass registration system) puts most of the blame on the defense, which seems accurate enough (though Lehtonen's injury woes are dismissed in a paragraph). Neither writer mentions how good the Thrashers might have been if they hadn't sent Tomáš Klouček down after one game.

Only tangentially related but of interest: Sidearm Delivery has a bit on Russian coach Vladimir Krikunov's reasons for leaving Ilya Kovalchuk off the World Championships team. The coach says that Kovy's a bit of a drunk. Hey, Ilya, call me -- we'll party!

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