Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ominous Portents

This is not how I wanted to begin the day. I planned to get up early, launch a home improvement project, stride forth into the world with a sense of accomplishment. Instead I'm badly hungover, still shirtless at noon, with vague memories of stupid drunken e-mails and message board postings after getting home last night, and the home improvement project is slightly derailed because the guy who owned this place before me was apparently deranged and I can't start my project without more or less destroying a wall.


Plus, my other plan was to go to this outdoor arts/food festival near me, but it's starting to rain.

All is not lost: the forces of good (represented by the Edmonton Oilers) defeated the forces of awful (I've probably mentioned who represents that enough) yesterday, to go up 3-2. Team Shitbag is, of course, resilient and talented enough to come back from that deficit, but I've got my fingers crossed. The Ales Pisa jersey has been given pride of place on the wall, as a good luck charm. Go Oilers, at least until you face a team I like better!

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