Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hot Hot Heat

It got up into the mid-80s here today -- primarily experienced when I met some friends to have brunch, and to remind myself that it's ill-advised to have two Bloody Marys before work (the Wahoo Grill in Decatur, Georgia -- really, really good spicy Bloody Marys! If anyone from the restaurant reads this, that slogan is available cheap). If it's this hot on April 2, what's it going to be like come July?

My condo is, to put it mildly, well-insulated -- I've gone through the last two winters without turning on the heat, and don't even know if it works properly any more. The downside to this is that by about 10 this morning, I felt like I'd taken up residence in a pizza oven. The a/c unit in my bedroom is on the verge of death (tops on my to-do list, September 2005, was "get a new a/c unit installed). I don't deal well with humidity.

In theory, (once I get a new a/c unit) an overly hot summer would keep me inside during off-days, where I would, naturally, work on writing a novel and other great projects. More likely, what will happen is I'll fail to buy a new air conditioner, I'll end up going to whatever bar is dimmest at noon, and writing entries here about how hot it is, and the virtues of Pilsner Urquell on tap vs bottled.

Just in case anyone wondered what I'd bitch about with the overnights over -- now you know.

* * *

As I noted earlier, it's hard for me to feel much hate for the Carolina Hurricanes -- even moreso when they kindly let the Thrashers pound them a bit in a crucial (for the Thrashers, not the 'Canes) late-season game. And Tampa Bay lost, too, closing the gap for Atlanta... a gap that had widened the night before, when TB beat the Thrashers. Is Atlanta Thrashers hockey a zero-sum game?

Meantime the Thrashers have finally come to terms with Boris Valabik, the giant, tough Slovak defenseman they drafted back in '04. So now we know whose jersey I'll get once my last Klouńćek hopes have faded away.


fredoluv said...

i'm back from my vacation now...and see my baseball league hasn't started yet.


Brushback said...

I missed this one the first time. That's a terrible post title. 2 demerits!

gsdgsd13 said...

I was still new to the game back then! Can my past truly be held against me?