Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ending With A Whimper

Capitals 6, Thrashers 4

Well so much for that. The season ended (effectively -- they still have a game against the Panthers, but aside from the possibility of lots of fights, there's nothing of interest there) on a fitting note: giving up six goals to one of the league's worst teams, Mike Dunham reverting to career backup mode at the worst possible time, and me in a bar that normally shows the games but last night chose to show no sports at all, apparently, reducing me to emotional highs and lows as I got updates on my cell phone.

Don Waddell and I are in the same boat: his team didn't deliver on his playoff guarantee, I didn't deliver on my implied guarantee to be the best Thrashers blogger on Earth. Thankfully my gig isn't paying so I don't have to worry about getting fired.

That leaves me cheering for the Avalanche, though they look to be out of the playoffs tout suite, frankly -- beyond that, I guess, it'll be the Senators or the Hurricanes. This likely marks the end of my hockey blogging for the summer, which will make a few of my friends happy -- maybe I'll do an end-of-season wrap-up on the Thrashers, if I can motivate myself, and of course I'll be giving constant updates on Tomas Kloucek's (too hungover for diacritics) career path, as they come in.

So, yeah, that's it. The Thrashers' hopes end on a goal by Brian Freakin' Willsie. It's an ugly world we live in.

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