Thursday, April 13, 2006

Closing in?

Atlanta won again tonight, though it was harder than it should have been against Washington. The increasingly god-like Marian Hossa scored four points. It all makes one wonder how easy this season would have been if the Thrashers were remotely capable of consistent effort over a period of more than four days, but why waste time thinking about what might have been?

In any case, they're now two points back of Tampa Bay, each team with three games to go. Toronto, meanwhile, has closed in to just one behind the Thrashers -- surprising me, at least, since I thought the Leafs were eliminated back in January.

Meanwhile, happy news as noted jerk Sean Avery appears to be out of a job. The joy is curbed somewhat by Red and Black Hockey's speculation that he'll wind up as a Thrasher. I cheered for Claude Lemieux for years, sure, but Avery's in a league all his own -- loud and stupid.

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