Thursday, March 09, 2006

Trade Deadline Follies

I'd planned some sort of pre-trading deadline post (for my non-hockey-oriented friends, which is most of you, this is the NHL trading deadline) but got sidetracked by weather, beer, and furniture, and didn't bother. The teams I follow were largely quiet, aside from one biggie:

The Avalanche swapping goalies with the Canadiens yesterday.

Oh boy, does this look like a mistake on every level. Theodore's having a lousy season, his one great year looks more and more like an aberration, he's injured and out for two more weeks, Aebischer has been fantastic the last few months, and Theodore has an enormous albatross of a contract through the next two seasons.

If Theodore returns to form outside of the Montreal fishbowl, great. But my first thought on hearing this is that it's Pierre Lacroix's love for French-Canadians skewing his judgment. I've yet to see anyone call this a good deal for the Avalanche.

Of course, it remains to be seen how this plays out on the ice -- when the Avalanche traded for Patrick Roy back in 1995, I and many others thought that was a mistake, which it obviously wasn't. And the Theo Fleury trade looked like genius at the time; now, it looks like the worst trade Lacroix has ever made.

So I hope I'm wrong about this one. And I hope that the Fleury trade doesn't wind up being the second-worst.

In other news, the Avalanche got Jim Dowd, which isn't bad (I figured he'd go to Atlanta - it was one of my teams, just the wrong one) and the Thrashers picked up defenseman Steve McCarthy, which could eventually be good -- he's sort of seen as a bust, but he's still relatively young (24 or 25) and defensemen traditionally take more time to develop etc etc. I figure he's competing with Hnidy and Exelby for the fifth/sixth spots.

More (non-hockey) stuff later.


gsdgsd13 said...

The Avalanche won the first game of the post-Aebischer era tonight, 2-1 over the Blackhawks. Peter Budaj was apparently quite good in net; I wouldn't know, since stupid NHL Center Ice did its weekly crap-out, and I had to come into work, anyhow.

gsdgsd13 said...

Also, Marek Svatos, one of the best if not the best Avalanchers this year, is gone for the season. Yippee.

Anonymous said...

gsdgsd, how would you grade Insane Bobby Clarke for Philly? I can't believe he found a way to get rid of two second round pics for one guy, mainly because I can't believe he somehow acquired two second round picks. Does it just come down to Forsberg's health and goaltending?

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