Sunday, March 05, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright for a Really Boring Game

After Friday night's predictable excesses, Saturday was devoted to responsible living, and thus I was at home and watching the Thrashers take on the woeful Capitals. I'd thought about getting tickets to this game but thank the lord I didn't -- dull dull dull, even with a pleasant result. The most entertainment I got was from the bizarre low production values on the DC-based feed -- color analyst Craig Laughlin, who's loony as it is and well on his way to taking up Stan Fischler's mantle, sounded like he was calling in from the men's room of the local QuikTrip. They also have an "Ovechkam" -- I guess when you have only one marketable asset, you milk it for all it's worth.

The Caps and their one marketable asset nearly throttled the Thrashers, though. Low though their talent may be, they can play a pretty stifling game, and through the first 45 minutes or so it looked like they could make Brian Willsie's goal stand up. Atlanta got a decent amount of chances, but none of them were really exciting -- throughout the entire second period, which I swear lasted six and a half hours, the most exciting things were a late Lehtonen save, and noted goon Eric Boulton decapitating Jamie Heward and not getting called for it.

When the third period started with more boredom and an Atlanta parade to the penalty box, I was ready to shut down for the night -- screw close games, when they're so soul-suckingly boring, I'd rather stare at the ceiling. But as these things happen, Modry got a goal, Kovalchuk got a quick one, and it looked like it was all over -- till Marc Savard either a) took a bozo penalty or b) got jobbed by the refs (initial reaction was "a," but after some sleep, perhaps it was "b"), and with 30 seconds to go, the Ovechkam got put into play as you-know-who tied it up.

Thankfully, the refs made a horrendous call on some poor schlub on Washington right before regulation ended, and while the Thrashers couldn't score on the OT power play, Marian Hossa (who'd been the best non-Lehtonen Thrasher all night) banged one in, and I could go to bed happy. To, unfortunately, wake up for no reason at 4:30 a.m.

Highlight: Laughlin calling Lehtonen "Alexander Ovechkin in goalie pads" (?)

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