Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Robert Mitchum

I vowed I was going to do one post per day this week, to get my average a bit higher, but today apparently marks the kickoff of allergy season, and I've been devoting all my attention to a nose that's been running like the Chattahoochee and a head that's .... really in unpleasant shape. Claritin has not made any dent. To add to the fun, I head for work in about 6 minutes.

So while I started a longer post, one that's a bit of a trip down memory lane, it'll have to wait until the world sorts itself out a bit.

In the meantime, the following literary conversation, with a fellow patron at the place where I had dinner, as I was reading the Greene biography:

Acid Casualty: Is that guy as good as Raymond Chandler?

Greg: Well, uh. Um. Totally different writers, really different styles. But yeah, I like this guy better.

AC: Fuck, man, Dashiell Hammett -- "Red Harvest"? You ever read that? Completely fucked me up.

GD: Yeah, I've read that, I lik....

AC: Completely amoral! Nothing like it. Man, I was watching this film noir movie the other day -- and Robert Mitchum? He got busted for smoking a joint in 1949, and you see the pictures of him being booked -- he's a badass.

GD: (Giant cartoon question marks appearing above head)

AC: I don't know why they keep remaking movies. When they remade "The Manchurian Candidate," that was it. I said "fuck YOU!"


AC: Robert Mitchum. Complete contempt for everyone.

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sid said...

I bet there were several infamous Diablo sighs in that conversation.