Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Literary Achievement

I was sort of aware of this when it came out, but forgot about it until a friend cited a NY Times reference this week -- The Modern Drunkard book is out, and it's the type of genius only a true Coloradan like Frank Kelly Rich could produce. An offshoot of the equally wonderful Modern Drunkard Magazine, it's one of those gimmick books that I've bought a billion of over the years, but this one's a keeper. I've rarely laughed so hard, drunk or sober. Try not to be put off by the fact that it's on the same shelf as Larry the Cable Guy.

* * *

I was reminded somewhat brusquely last night that this was originally supposed to chronicle, in part, the follies and frolics of my dating life. It really hasn't, partly because things have been rather quiet (by choice! really!) on that front. Last night, went on a date, and was reminded that dates are like music reviews: they only make good copy when they're really bad. Had a pleasant time last night, will see her again -- isn't that just boring as shit?

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