Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I Got Nothin'

It's already an absolutely stunning day outside, I don't really have anything (save assembling a new coffee table) pressing to do, and I feel strangely carefree. This being the last day of an extended weekend and with me having a song in my heart, it's far too nice to stay inside, so it's off to the Russian market to get some beer, and then I'm gonna go while away the day in the park or on a patio.

Two quick things:

1) I've been reading the first volume of the Graham Greene biography (its girth alone may put a damper on my book list), and I'm struck by one thing: GG may have been one of the greatest novelists ever, he may have lived an amazing life full of travel and adventure, but the guy was sufficiently lousy with women as to make me look like Rudolph Valentino. I find that strangely encouraging.

2) With no entertainment coming from me today, how about Milan Hejduk?


fredoluv said...

what about Barry Bonds?

gsdgsd13 said...

I hope he hits 100 home runs this year!

Really, at this point I'd just be manufacturing outrage. I like baseball but am not terribly passionate about it any more, and it's been sufficiently tainted over the past few years that this is just one more addition, hardly anything new.

Plus, it's not really a surprise, ya know?

gsdgsd13 said...

I did like the Chicago Trib article that CSTB linked to, proclaiming Sammy Sosa the single-season home run king. If you're going to write about a subject that everyone else is beating to death, it helps to be completely insane.