Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Back in the A-T-L

Back in the land of gray skies and America's retardedest drivers. It's kind of comforting, actually.

Today's just a quiet day, decompressing from vacationing, and waiting for my friend who just bought an Xbox 360 to quit pretending he's asleep, and call me to come over.

In the meantime -- when I started this, one of the goals was to write about current events. That's fallen by the wayside (of my three main topics -- hockey, dating, current events -- the only one I ever talk about is hockey, and much of that is in the context of "I missed the game last night because I was at work/at the bars"), obviously.

Part of that is because I spend much of my social time discussing developments with friends (worryingly, I note that as of St. Patrick's Day, my drunken pickup line of conversation has become "talk to girls about the Palestinian situation") and am left with nothing new to say here, and part of that is because there are much more articulate people tackling the appropriate subjects. I missed it because I was in Boulder, but check out Tony Karon's Iraq piece. It's good stuff. Nothing to add, really.

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